Good work by all in HPWA: Plymouth Town Meeting approved Article 16B on October 17, 2015 for CPA-funded purchase of 43+ acres along the west shore of Little Herring Pond - to protect water quality, priority habitats and species of concern, our important river herring run, and to provide passive recreation such as hiking and kayak access (see here).

2015 - Our last public meeting of the year was October 5, 7 PM at the New Testament Church in Cedarville.
“Creating and Managing Landscapes More in Harmony with our Fragile Environment”Michael Talbot of Environmental Landscape Consultants and Talbot Ecological Land Care, a highly respected and very entertaining speaker, presented. Mr. Talbot focused on ecological landscape design, lawn care and land use for our ponds and Pine Barrens Eco-region, including designing for sustainability with reduced use of water and fertilizers, and organic and low impact lawn care. He gave tips on what homeowners can do in the Fall to better manage their property in harmony with Watershed water quality and the natural environment. Visit Michael's website Education Corner
here and click to download his "Principles of Ecological Landscaping".


​     26 Volunteers Counted the 2015 River Herring Run:
On May 2, the Kentucky Derby and Full "Flower" or "Corn Planting" Moon finally got our

run going. 29 herring in 10 minutes recorded by Amy Heine and crew at our Little Sandy

Pond Rd bridge counting station! On May 18, Herring were still coming into GHP, with

some dropping back down, mission accomplished. On May 27, the statistical design

means we keep monitoring and recording even when we see zero! On June 6, the count

period ended - all volunteers submit data sheets to the coordinator.
     A general public meeting of HPWA was held Monday, July 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM in

Cedarville. Please Note: the Plymouth Planning Board Public Hearing continuance on

LHP VOSD (proposed 10-home development opposed by HPWA) set for this same date

was continued to September 21st, allowing for further negotiation toward town purchase

with CPC funds.
     HPWA education and outreach hosted a kids' activity table at Pine Fest in Myles

Standish State Forest May 30. We provided materials for kids to decorate-a-herring in

celebration of our "significant nexus": Our watershed's Area of Critical Environmental

Concern, with its significant anadromous river herring run, connects the globally rare

Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens to the sea, and marine commercial fisheries, at the Cape

Cod Canal. Our super hero comic of the mighty river herring, Run, Herring Run, went to

many households that day.

     5/18/15: First HPWA General Public Meeting of the year was held at 7:00 PM at New Testament Church, 1120 Long Pond Rd, Cedarville.
     4/10/15: Lou-Anne Conroy, Plymouth South High School teacher, has created a student study guide to accompany our HPWA Watershed Stewardship Guide and graciously offers it to other teachers. View or download it
here or on our Education and Outreach page.
     The Town of Plymouth now has a
ParkWatchReportsite for reporting incidents of illegal activities,
safety concerns and maintenance issues.  Click on the "File a Report" button, log your observations

and upload the date, time, location and photos via your smart phone, tablet or computer. Here is a

handy image you can print and carry with you:
     Add May 30 to your calendar to attend Pine Fest at Charge Pond in Myles Standish State Forest.

HPWA will be there...our ACEC uplands are part of a globally rare Pine Barrens remnant...continually

diminishing to development. We are joining with SEMPBA to endorse a Regional Pine Barrens

Conservation Partnership to protect this legacy for future generations.
     View HPWA's call for our Run, Herring, Run comic on the
River Herring Network blog and the Pew Trust's Herring Alliance Facebook page.
     Visit Plimoth Plantation's
2nd Annual Herring Run webpage and plan to be there with HPWA  on April 25 & 26 at the Grist Mill.
     HPWA is now the 100th member of the
Pew Charitable Trust Herring Alliance.
     Join HPWA on April 6 at 7 PM at The Spire Center for the Plymouth Open Space

Committee's forum: "How Can I Help? Preserving Natural Plymouth.
     The Planning Board's March 9, 2015 scheduled continuance of the public hearing on the Little

Herring Pond Rd 10-home development proposal is continued to April 27 to allow for progress

on joint party appraisal and possible town purchase with CPA funding. Check back for updates.

The April 27 hearing is expected to be continued to allow negotiations to proceed.
     Registration is now open for the Watershed Action Alliance's Future of Water Conference Friday,

April 24, 2015 at Plimoth Plantation. HPWA is a sponsor, Lee Pulis will moderate the Outreach

panel session, and we will host kid's activities Saturday and Sunday at the Plantation's 2nd annual

Herring Run Festival. Register now to attend! Volunteer to help!
     Our HPWA President, Brian Harrington, "...literally wrote the book on red knots...", 
Cape Cod Times, 1-11-15

The 15 HPWA members and friends celebrated and showed appreciation Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 for the recent work of the association, the Community Preservation Committee, and Town Meeting members in protecting 43.6 acres of priority habitat between Triangle and Little Herring Ponds from proposed residential development!

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