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Volunteers responded for 2016 Herring Count. River herring headed back to our watershed much earlier than last year.

The first "scout" river herring was observed at Sandy Pond Rd bridge on March 29th, so the count began. 20 volunteers participated.

Donna Gage and Sara Grady were our count coordinators. Counters saw a mink, an otter, a green heron, diverse warblers and schools of anadromous white perch in addition to thousands of river herring while providing 6-9 10-minute counts, 7 days per week for 60 days. The count ended on May 29th and our data sheets have been submitted for number crunching in the statistical population estimating formula. Many good contacts and connections were made with passersby.

HPWA Meeting May 16:

Our first public meeting of 2016 was Monday, May 16th at 7:00pm. Sharl Heller, President of the Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance and Co-ordinator for the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership discussed why many scientists believe the earth is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction and what plants and animals in our area are at risk. She explained how building a Regional Conservation Partnership can help conserve the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens, on of the most imperiled eco-regions in the world.

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