Volunteers responded for 2016 Herring Count. River herring headed back to our watershed much earlier than last year.

The first "scout" river herring was observed at Sandy Pond Rd bridge on March 29th, so the count began. 20 volunteers participated.

Donna Gage and Sara Grady were our count coordinators. Counters saw a mink, an otter, a green heron, diverse warblers and schools of anadromous white perch in addition to thousands of river herring while providing 6-9 10-minute counts, 7 days per week for 60 days. The count ended on May 29th and our data sheets have been submitted for number crunching in the statistical population estimating formula. Many good contacts and connections were made with passersby.




The  next HPWA public meeting is July 10, 2017. In the meantime, join us at SEMPBA Pine Fest on May 20, and for a bird walk with Brian on Wednesday, May 24th. HPWA's 2017 volunteer river herring count at Little Sandy Pond Rd bridge began April 1 and will run through May 31st. Volunteer soon!

The last HPWA public meeting was Monday, March 20, 2017 at the British Beer Company on State Road 3A in Cedarville. The program was on Coyotes! 

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HPWA's 2015 annual Picnic

August 8 at Weston Bogs

See page bottom for PDFs of HPWA river herring comics

for kids and adults

News and Events

Your HPWA Executive Committee is very forward thinking, being the first organization to fashion an ornament for the Town of Plymouth's holiday CommuniTree, a project to follow in the Old Colony Memorial. Tree lighting was December 4. Click to view

15 HPWA members and friends celebrated and showed appreciation Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 for the recent work of the association, the Community Preservation Committee, and Town Meeting members in protecting 43.6 acres of priority habitat between Triangle and Little Herring Ponds from proposed residential development!

Good work by all in HPWA: Plymouth Town Meeting approved Article 16B on October 17, 2015 for CPA-funded purchase of 43+ acres along the west shore of Little Herring Pond - to protect water quality, priority habitats and species of concern, our important river herring run, and to provide passive recreation such as hiking and kayak access. (see:<Map and Town Warrant - Article 16B>)

HPWA general public meetings for 2017 will be held Monday evenings at the New Testament Church, 1120 Long Pond Rd in Cedarville from 7-9 PM on the following dates: July 10, August 21, and September 25. Our annual Bird Walk was Tuesday, May 17 and our annual pot-luck Picnic is Saturday, August 6, both at Great Herring Pond.