What We Do

  • Sample and analyze pond water, establishing a long-term record of its quality.
  • Sample storm water runoff.
  • Educate residents about the crucial role they play in using water responsibly and preventing its pollution.
  • Study water flow in and out of our ponds.
  • Promote boating safety.
  • Sponsor numerous membership meetings each year in which we report on our work and discuss topics of general interest, e.g. area history, local bird life, herring migration, storm water runoff mitigation.
  • Publish a newsletter a few times a year.
  • Elect ​officers and an executive committee that sets policies. We also have working subcommittees.

All of our activities are based on the work of VOLUNTEERS supported by dues, private contributions, grants, and collaborations with organizations, the towns of Plymouth and Bourne, and the state.

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We are always welcoming new members. Contact us to join, volunteer, or donate.