Our Association stewards the state-designated Herring River Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), which is largely a single watershed. A watershed includes streams and ponds, but also the surrounding lands that nurture the quality and quantity of water flowing into our ponds and streams. To that end, we have alliances with other organizations, where together, we have greater impact on regional efforts such as preserving and improving surface and ground water, and helping to protect our globally rare Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens habitat with its indigenous plants and animals. Our strongest partnerships are with Wildlands Trust and the Town of Plymouth, and especially Plymouth’s Community Preservation Board, Parks Department, Conservation Commission, and Planning Board. Together we protect about 600 acres of conservation land within our 4,000-acre watershed, a treasure that helps protect our precious aquifer and ecosystem. In addition to the resources shown as links on this page, we have partnered with the Town of Plymouth to build resources such as a model rain garden—part of the Pond Road Stormwater Improvement project, or conservation of a key parcel of floodplain land on the Carter’s River (Parcel 15).