Since 2008 HPWA has conducted Water Quality Monitoring including nutrients, clarity, dissolved oxygen and water flow at sites on Great and Little Herring Ponds and the Carter’s River. We coordinate volunteers for HPWA’s spring river herring count, monitor for invasive plant species, lead bird walks and monitor wildlife via video cams. – Read More


Protecting our water resources for drinking, recreation, aesthetics, and migrating river herring is a foundational goal of HPWA. We work with towns on remediation projects to reduce pollutants entering our ponds. And we work to preserve our land, its unique vegetation and high priority open space for wildlife and for people, helping to preserve 105 acres to date. – Read More


Citizens are integral to safeguarding our natural resources. HPWA provides information and promotes awareness for watershed stewardship, including newsletters and educational programs for the public. We also sponsor special projects for children and adults alike. Our stewardship guide is acclaimed as a model. – Read More