The goal of this sub-committee is to monitor local, state and federal government proposals, actions, activities, by-laws, laws, etc. that have the potential to affect the Herring Ponds Watershed and its members.  Further, this sub-committee will report such information to its members in a timely manner so as to enable the members to take such actions as deemed appropriate.

This sub-committee will also attempt to maintain a current listing of governmental contacts such as town meeting members, state representatives and senators, and federal representatives and senators for the use of the members of the Herring Ponds Watershed Association.

Dennis White, chair
David Hoover, member


  • Draft drawings of the proposed kayak/canoe access project planned by the Bourne Open Space Committee on the South end of Great Herring Pond can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the images below.
  • It was reported at the December Harbor Committee that Mass Marine Fisheries has banned the taking and possession of River Herring. For further updates see the Mass Fisheries Website.
  • Click to view Dave Clark’s Letter to the Editor concerning Water Safety and Harbormasters proposed fees.