water skiing safetyThe Water Safety Committee is dedicated to promoting water safety for boaters and swimmers, by distributing town watercraft by-laws and other information pertinent to the safe operation of all forms of watercraft on the ponds.

Our mission is not enforcement, or the potential elimination of any boating activity, but to advocate for the safe enjoyment of the ponds’ environment by all. The Water Safety Committee strongly urges any citizens concerned with potential safety issues on the pond to inform the proper authorities, i.e.; Police, Harbormaster, or State Environmental Police for appropriate action.

Safety Concern – Cold Shock

life jacketMA State regulations require life jackets be worn between October 15th and May 1st.

Cold water removes heat from the body 25 times faster than cold air. Survival time can be reduced to minutes. Strong swimmers have died before swimming 100 yards in cold water.

Exposure of the head and chest to cold water causes sudden increases in heart rate and blood pressure that may result in cardiac arrest.

Without a life jacket, a victim many inhale while under water (involuntary gasping reflex) and drown without coming back to the surface. This can only be prevented by wearing a life jacket at all times on the water in the off-season. There is no second chance.