A Heartfelt Message from HPWA’s first Co-President Marleen von Goeler

Marlene and Eb von Goeler

In 2007 when a small group of people met in our living room to discuss how we could maintain the health and beauty of the Herring Ponds, we had no idea that this beginning would blossom into the dynamic HPWA of 2022.

In his last years my husband, Eberhard (Eb) so often expressed his happiness over what the HPWA had become and how hard people had worked to achieve it — from those who went out to help with water testing, to those who counted herring in the spring, others who volunteered to Chair the Shed Fair and the annual picnics — to Geri who writes the newsletter, and of course to the Board of Directors who work so hard. And many, many others.

With heartfelt thanks to all of you and all the loyal members,

Marleen von Goeler

cyanobacteria updateMessage from the President

We have a lot to be thankful for. But we also have a lot we need to take care of. At long last, we have received our first draft of the Water Quality Plan. Too much phosphorus is the problem. According to the draft, most of it comes from resident septic systems. There are other sources, and our Herring Ponds Watershed Association review committee, Plymouth and Consultant partners will help us find ways to reduce as much of the phosphorus pollution as we can.


Joe Solimini Catches…and Releases…a Lot of Fish

There are a LOT of fish in Great Herring Pond, one of the region’s largest bodies of freshwater. Joe said that freshwater gamefish are so abundant in the Pond that Fish and Game do not stock it. So, what species of gamefish live in GHP and LHP, and where are they caught?


Let’s Practice Eco-Friendly Landscaping

If you reside on pondfront property, use environmentally friendly landscaping techniques to prevent pollution and sedimentation, serious causes of pond impairment.



Postcard from the Appalachian Trail

After 99 days, I completed the northern half of the Appalachian Trail by summiting Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine. It was grueling, especially the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This has been the hardest physical challenge of my lifetime.


Geri’s Fall Gardening Tips

When planning your gardens try to have plants that bloom or have interest for each season for you and the pollinators to enjoy. For fall many of us rely on chrysanthemums to fill gaps and add color. Here are some ideas for other colorful perennials.


Water Quality Report

As a group, we are optimistic that with consultant and town help, we will be able to make significant improvements in the Herring Ponds water quality. While the Water Quality Report concludes that the main contributor of the phosphorus pollutant responsible for watershed quality problems is septic, it acknowledges that approaches other than providing sewers to the watershed exist.


Mason with Don Williams

A Budding Entrepreneur, A Good Cause

…he decided to sell refreshments pondside and roadside at his grandparents’ house to raise money to donate to the Herring Ponds Watershed Association to help keep their water clean.  When asked why he decided to donate his profits, he said it was because the Watershed Association “helps keep our water clean.  I was so sad the pond was closed.”




Photo Gallery

Photos sent in by Barbara and Joe Solimini