Final Postcard From the Appalachian Trail — 2 Comments

  1. Paul,

    I really enjoyed experiencing the Appalachian Trail through your experience rather than actually attempting to hike it myself. That is a special accomplishment that you should be very proud of. I’m sure you are left with many visual “postcards” that will be with you for the remainder of your life.

    I found your entire presentation to be enlightening. Thank you for sharing! As much as I enjoyed the entirety, I found myself particularly touched by your response in the Q&A as to your biggest take from your experience. That of regaining your respect for humanity. As such, I’m hoping that you can share the contact information for Trail Angel(s) so I can make donation(s) in your name.

    Thank you again for sharing this incredible experience with all of us.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your experience on the Appalachian Trail. My Grandson, Zach Pakalnis, from Kingston, MA did the whole trail in 2021. He started March 15th and completed it in July. He did it with one of his college friends. They finished in record time and they said it was a great experience. My son and his wife met up with them a couple of times and acted as trail angels at a some of the stopping spots. It certainly is a great accomplishment and also a good experience for those who can do it. Congrats to you.

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