Presidents Letter April 2022President’s Letter

Despite the pandemic (and the other major distractions of 2021), the Herring Ponds Watershed Association has had a very good year.

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Gray Fox Familly Barking Up the RIGHT Tree
Unlike other canines, gray foxes can climb trees!

A short-legged, grizzled-looking animal stood in the middle of the trail in Scusset Beach State Park, steadily eyeing my approach before it slipped away into the brushy woods.

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“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
Cedarville resident and HPWA Board Member Paul Denoncourt attempts to conquer the AppalachianTrail

It’s the most difficult and most famous hiking trail in the nation.

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Keeping Invasive Weeds Out

…any time a boat enters our pond it could be carrying invasive weeds with it. Small fragments of these weeds can quickly take root and colonize our ponds.

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It Takes a Lot of MUSSEL
A remarkable way of cleaning the environment

Freshwater mussels are neighbors worth protecting.  These small pond dwellers may not be easy to see but they play an important role in maintaining a healthy pond.

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Insects on the Decline Threaten Our Ecosystem

Just this past September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared 23 species in America to be extinct.

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Enticing Pollinators into Your Yard
Pollinators are essential to all life on our planet

If we plant native plants and get rid of invasive species, (particularly offensive in our area are Oriental Bittersweet and Japanese Knotweed) we can help birds find the insects they need to feed their young.

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You Can Count on It
Volunteer counters are needed for research on our herring population

This year’s count will provide essential information about the condition of our run. We will be generating data to determine if the herring are returning in larger numbers.

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Water Quality Committee Report

The Herring Ponds Watershed Association is preparing to receive our SMAST Consultant’s Water Quality Plan study draft report in April.

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Upcoming Events
Insects on the Decline – zoominar
Herring Festival
Herring Crawl
Bird Walks
and more…

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Vintage Postcards
More scenes from the past

I think it is fairly safe to say they are from the early 1900’s.

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