President’s Letter

Don Williams, President
“We are embarking on an exciting, challenging phase for the Herring Ponds Watershed Association (HPWA) where we can improve the water quality of both Great Herring Pond (GHP) and Little Herring Pond (LHP).”

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History of the Water Quality Report

By Brian Harrington

Brian gives us insights as to why the Water Quality Plan was conceived and why it
is taking a long time to reach an endpoint. 

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Tess Goldman

New! Acting Chair of the HPWA Education Committee

Tess Goldman grew up in Plymouth on Mast Road and graduated from Rising Tide Charter School. She interned with Lee Pulis at HPWA during high school. 

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Final Postcard from the Appalachian Trail

By Paul Dennoncourt

“It was also a mental challenge; many times, my mind suggested I quit, but I never gave in.”

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HPWA 2022 Actions and Accomplishments

In 2022 HPWA members and Board members were active throughout the year protecting our watershed, and engaging members and friends through education and social events.

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YSI ProODO meterImportant Upcoming Event

January 24, 6pm
Presentation on the Water Quality Plan by Ed Eichner

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Photo Gallery

Images from Martha Sheldon

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